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Buy Valium 5Mg, Is Buying Valium Online Illegal Australia

Buy Valium 5Mg, Is Buying Valium Online Illegal Australia

The publication of the 2017 Rating List highlights the need for business ratepayers to seek a review of their new assessment from a trusted Surveyor. We have found in many cases that rateable values have risen considerably despite market rentals remaining static or even declining during the relevant time period.  Such uplifts should be challenged as they are clearly inappropriate and unjustified  in the face of market evidence.

We are committed to seeing our Clients benefit financially from our involvement.

In other words if we cannot see any scope for a saving we would advise our Client not to proceed with an appeal.

We think this is refreshingly different from many firms who charge a substantial survey fee in advance, only for the firm concerned then to withdraw the appeal and cease all communications.

We always aim to minimise a Client’s initial survey charges and commission is paid only where we secure a reduction in rateable value.

The levying of empty rates on unoccupied commercial premises in recent years has become a major concern for Landlords.  But there may be ways of mitigating this.

Landlords can sometimes gain from having premises split into smaller units for rating purposes; detailed factors are sometimes overlooked such as age; access constraints and lack of insulation and heating in some buildings.

We will work with the Valuation Office Agency on your behalf to ensure that your rating assessments are fair and justifiable.

“We appointed Andrew Idle Associates to undertake a rating appeal on an additional industrial site and buildings which we acquired.  The appeal was submitted promptly and we were kept in the picture with progress.
This resulted in a reduction of around 10% in the rateable value, worth in the region of £10,000 per annum in savings over the next few years.
It was a very worthwhile exercise as far as we are concerned”

P Crowther – Managing Director
J W Crowther & Son Ltd  Leeds