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Andrew established the Independent Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Property Agency based in central Bradford in 1991.The business has built an excellent reputation by providing Clients with an efficient, cost effective and personalised service.

Joint Agency

Andrew Idle Associates are willing to work on a joint agency basis on the letting and sale of commercial property, especially larger instructions. This can work well for the Client as the network of contacts held and marketing expertise can be pooled for maximum gain.

We have worked with local/regional/national Agents over the years and this includes sales as joint auctioneer.

  • Always looking to add value
  • No nonsense advice, covering a range of commercial property related disciplines
  • Discretion in all Client negotiations
  • Respectful and reliable communications, with every case receiving individual attention
  • Efficient, cost effective service, always prepared to go that extra mile
  • Wealth of commercial property knowledge, qualified by over 30 years experience
  • Independent and realistic guidance given in the Client’s best interests
  • Dedicated to exceeding Client expectations
  • Long established but current
  • Extensive network of commercial property contacts