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06/03/2020 9:23

Property Spotlight March 2020

Welcome to the March Property Spotlight! This month we are highlighting three fantastic opportunities to buy and to rent commercial property in Bradford, West Yorkshire.…

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04/02/2020 14:13

Property Spotlight February 2020

Welcome to our monthly property spotlight blog where, each month, we highlight three commercial properties that are currently available to buy or to let in…

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07/01/2020 9:04

Property Spotlight January 2020

Welcome to the first Property Spotlight blog of 2020! We begin the New Year by shining a spotlight on retail, office and industrial premises that…

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04/12/2019 8:56

Property Spotlight December 2019

Welcome to the final Property Spotlight blog of 2019! This month we are spotlighting three versatile commercial properties which are currently available to let in…

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22/11/2019 12:31

Property Spotlight November 2019

Welcome to this month’s Property Spotlight, where we are showcasing three retail properties that are currently available to let or to buy in Bradford. If…

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07/10/2019 11:51

Property Spotlight October 2019

Welcome to this month’s Commercial Property Spotlight blog, where we are highlighting three excellent properties currently available to let in Bradford, West Yorkshire. You can…

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10/09/2019 12:15

Property Spotlight September 2019

Welcome to this month’s Property Spotlight, where we are highlighting three fantastic commercial properties that are currently available to let or to buy in Bradford,…

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04/09/2019 15:16

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

Andrew Idle Associates have recently concluded two rent reviews in respect of retail premises;  one being a hot food takeaway and the other a convenience…

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15/08/2019 10:40

Property Spotlight August 2019

Welcome to the August property spotlight blog, where we are highlighting three fantastic opportunities to rent commercial property in Bradford. If you don’t see a…

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01/08/2019 12:51

Commercial Property Sales and Lettings

As a relatively small independent practice, it always gives me pride and satisfaction when large multi-national firms contact us requesting details of some letting or…

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05/07/2019 9:40

Property Spotlight July 2019

Welcome to our monthly property spotlight blog where, each month, we highlight three commercial properties currently available to buy or to let in Bradford, Leeds…

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05/06/2019 18:22

New Relief Route Planned for Bradford

News that Bradford could gain a new relief route to take commercial traffic off Tong Street/ Westgate Hill, as reported in the Telegraph & Argus,…

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Property Spotlight June 2019

Welcome to our monthly Property Spotlight blog where, each month, we showcase three excellent commercial properties currently available to let or for sale in West…

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14/05/2019 13:37

Property Spotlight May 2019

Welcome to the May Property Spotlight! This month we are highlighting three excellent office premises currently available to let in Bradford and Leeds. If you…

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10/04/2019 11:09

RICS Changes Rules on Commercial Property Service Charges

The article in Insight about the publication of the latest RICS requirements regarding the running and management of service charges within multi-occupied properties makes good…

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08/03/2019 19:35

Leeds Bradford Airport Road and Parkway Plans

The announcement in the Telegraph & Argus of feasibility studies to improve transport links both by road and rail to Leeds-Bradford Airport will make encouraging…

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04/03/2019 14:55

Property Spotlight March 2019

In this month’s Property Spotlight blog we are showcasing three excellent opportunities to let industrial property in Bradford and Leeds. You can find details of…

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01/03/2019 17:16

Potential New Food Market in Bradford City Centre

The feature in the Yorkshire Business Insider, showing an artist impression of a possible new food market development in the upper part of Bradford’s central…

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Is our high street at risk of becoming a ghost town?

There has been a mounting concern at the plight of the traditional retail high street, this Yorkshire Post article being the latest. Some clients of…

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06/02/2019 14:43

Bradford BID initiative lights up City Centre

The new Telegraph & Argus feature reporting on extended hours of City Centre lighting funded through the Bradford Business Improvement District (BID) scheme is heartening…

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28/01/2019 13:49

The Property Market in the Face of Uncertainty

The recent Guardian feature reporting on projections of thousands of high street retail jobs being lost during 2019, up and down the UK, is the…

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22/01/2019 10:56

Property Spotlight January 2019

Welcome to this month’s Property Spotlight! In this month’s commercial property blog we are showcasing three modern industrial units that are currently available to let…

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09/01/2019 13:59

Retail Marketing Conditions & Property Valuations

The recent Financial Times feature on ‘Retail Crisis Shines Spotlight on Property Values’ suggests that larger firms of Property Surveyors and Valuers, when undertaking reports…

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20/11/2018 13:00

Avoidance Schemes For Paying Business Rates

The article in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus which expresses Council concern at ‘legal but unethical’ techniques for avoiding payment of business rates highlights the…

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14/11/2018 16:00

Physical retail is still alive and kicking

The recent article in Property Week about the physical retail sector, as opposed to online stores, makes some valid points. Some physical retailers are performing…

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12/11/2018 20:28

Autumn Budget 2018 Review

The most notable announcement in the Autumn Budget 2018 is that the Chancellor has reduced business rates bills for Small Businesses who occupy retail premises…

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Property Spotlight November 2018

In our property spotlight blog this month we’re highlighting three excellent opportunities currently available to let commercial property in West and East Yorkshire. If you…

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01/10/2018 19:53

Property Spotlight October 2018

Welcome to this month’s Commercial Property Spotlight blog, where we are highlighting three excellent properties currently available to buy or let in West Yorkshire. Don’t…

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24/09/2018 12:23

Property Service Charges on Commercial Leases

Service charges can be a contentious area in commercial property leases. A typical Landlord’s objective is to recover from tenants all costs relating to common…

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13/08/2018 9:36

Property Spotlight August 2018

Welcome to the August property spotlight! This month we are showcasing three varied properties in Bradford and Leeds which are all currently available to let.…

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25/07/2018 10:14

Empty shops becoming more visible as pressure on the retail sector continues

Research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as reported by the Yorkshire Insider, happens to feature rows of empty retail units in upper…

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13/07/2018 10:26

Bradford Proposed One City Park Joint Venture to Develop Grade ‘A’ Office Space

The recent policy decision by Bradford Council to seek a development partner to create a new-build office scheme on the Site formerly known as The…

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10/07/2018 11:56

A Bright Future for Businesses in Bradford

It is heartening to read the news that an increasing number of businesses are choosing Bradford as the location for their corporate headquarters. Bradford has…

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Demand for Mid-Sized Industrial Units Outstripping Supply in Bradford

The recent article in Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus will come as no surprise to commercial agents and developers here. Property agents in West Yorkshire continue…

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05/07/2018 11:52

Property Spotlight July 2018

Welcome to this month’s property spotlight blog! We’re highlighting three fantastic opportunities to let industrial commercial properties in Bradford. If you don’t see a property…

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14/06/2018 16:12

Investing In Commercial Property

The recent feature in This Is Money, which comments on the attraction of commercial property as an investment, will resonate with various parties we have…

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21/05/2018 12:55

Demand for Retail Space Reported To Decline

The recent feature by FM World concerning the declining demand for retail premises contrasted with the increased demand for industrial accommodation in the UK will…

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11/05/2018 11:08

Property Spotlight May 2018

In this month’s Property Spotlight blog we are showcasing three fantastic office properties currently available to let in Bradford and Leeds. If you’re looking for…

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12/04/2018 17:58

Property Spotlight April 2018

Welcome to this month’s Property Spotlight blog! In our property spotlight blog this month we’re highlighting three excellent opportunities to let commercial property in Bradford.…

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13/03/2018 13:09

Property Spotlight March 2018

Welcome to this month’s property spotlight blog! This month we are highlighting three varied commercial properties currently available to let in Bradford and Leeds. Further…

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26/02/2018 15:12

Choosing The Best Business Premises For Your Business

Over many years’ experience I have found that a good number of businesses have a pretty firm idea about where they need to locate. In…

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12/02/2018 12:36

Property Spotlight February 2018

In this month’s property spotlight blog we are showcasing three fantastic industrial properties currently available to let in Bradford, West Yorkshire. If the properties featured…

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30/01/2018 16:37

Increase In Demand For Industrial Accommodation In Yorkshire

The recent press article in the Yorkshire Post, charting the pent-up demand for industrial accommodation contrasting with the decline in demand for retail premises, is…

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11/01/2018 15:42

Bradford Best For New Business Start Ups

The recent research by Barclays highlighting Bradford as the best place in the UK to start up a new business makes a heartening reading. Bradford…

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04/01/2018 16:09

Property Spotlight Blog January 2018

In this month’s property spotlight blog we are getting 2018 off to a flying start with three fantastic commercial properties currently for sale and available…

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09/11/2017 15:58

Are Flexible Serviced Offices Cheaper Than Traditional Office Premises

The recent article by Instant Offices suggests that leasing serviced offices could save firms £4,000 per year per employee compared to stand-alone premises on a…

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01/11/2017 13:14

Property Spotlight November 2017

In our property spotlight blog this month we’re highlighting three excellent opportunities to buy and let commercial property in West Yorkshire. Don’t worry if you…

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30/10/2017 15:57

What Commercial Tenants Need To Know About Building Alterations

Some business tenants may not realise that Landlord’s consent is normally required to carry out alterations to their commercial premises, especially if structural changes are…

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24/10/2017 15:56

Business Leaders Call On Chancellor To Freeze Business Rates

News that business leaders are calling on the Chancellor to freeze business rates payments over the next two years will go down well with ratepayers…

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04/10/2017 15:55

Planning Relaxation Scheme Extended For Bradford City Centre

The news that Bradford Council have extended their planning relaxation scheme for three years, to allow retail premises around the Broadway Shopping Centre to become…

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27/09/2017 15:54

The Regional Office Market

The report recently published by Savills, referring to a projected growth in demand for Grade A office space in major UK regional centres over the…

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18/09/2017 15:53

Small Business Relief on business rates

Those who bemoan lack of support to small businesses would have to acknowledge that the UK Government has done the right thing by extending Small…

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01/09/2017 13:09

Property Spotlight September 2017

Welcome to our September Property Spotlight blog. This month we’re sharing with you three adaptable commercial properties currently available to let in West Yorkshire. Do…

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08/08/2017 15:52

Resilience of the UK commercial property market

The August economic bulletin by Insight with its commentary on the commercial property market broadly reflects what is occurring locally. Demand for well-located and well-specified…

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01/08/2017 12:28

Property Spotlight August 2017

In this month’s blog we have one retail property under the spotlight, currently available to let in West Yorkshire, along with an industrial property for sale…

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27/07/2017 15:52

RICS To Ban Controversial Practice Of Dual Agency

The announcement by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that ‘double dipping’ or dual agency is to be banned from January 2018 has got…

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03/07/2017 15:50

RICS and Banking Sector Sign Property Valuation Agreement

It is good to see that the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are working with the banking sector to explore how property valuation standards…

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02/07/2017 15:49

Business Rates Relief

Andrew Idle Associates offer a cost-effective service to businesses in reviewing their business rates. We do not charge any fee unless we believe from an…

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01/07/2017 12:23

Property Spotlight July 2017

Welcome to this month’s property spotlight blog! We’re highlighting a fantastic opportunity to let a lock-up retail shop in West Yorkshire, along with desirable serviced offices…

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06/06/2017 15:49

The Benefits of Working Jointly with Commercial Property Agents

Andrew Idle Associates are delighted to announce the successful sale of a 10-acre site jointly by auction with Savills. The price achieved for Woodhurst Farm,…

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01/06/2017 12:15

Property Spotlight June 2017

Welcome to our latest property spotlight blog! This month we are showcasing two industrial properties currently available to let and for sale, respectively, in Bradford,…

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03/04/2017 15:48

2017 Business Rating Assessments

Today is the first working day from which appeals may be submitted against the new 2017 rating assessments. I have found that in many cases,…

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26/03/2017 15:47

Integrity and ethics in business

A recent e-mail sent to all Royal Instituition of Chartered Suveryors (RICS) Members raises the subject of ethics and integrity in running a business such…

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09/03/2017 15:45

Spring 2017 Budget Review

The most significant of the small changes made in the Chancellor’s 2017 Spring Budget is in connection with business rate relief. The threshold for 100%…

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22/02/2017 15:44

An Update On The New Rating List Provisions For Small Businesses

Many businesses and organisations that are looking for commercial premises to rent seem to have some awareness of the new Rating List provisions for Small…

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01/01/2017 15:43

The Commercial Property Market in 2017

Happy New Year to all our Clients; past and present and future! The past year has been a relatively good one for Andrew Idle Associates…

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22/11/2016 15:42

Business Rates Revaluation 2017 and Appeals

It has just been announced in the National Press, that no appeals will be granted under the new 2017 business rating list, unless the reduction…

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10/10/2016 15:40

Business Rates Revaluations in 2017

The Government are now sending out an online questionnaire to businesses for them to complete details of the rent paid, and other terms of their…

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18/07/2016 15:30

Yorkshire sees retail rents rise for first time in 10 years

This study, recently published in the Yorkshire Post, makes for interesting reading. The results are very patchy, with the City of York leading the revival…

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01/07/2016 15:28

The impact of the EU Referendum

Last week’s Brexit referendum result caused immediate shock waves in the property sector. But a week later, the FTSE 250 is said to have recovered…

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24/05/2016 15:27

The EU Referendum & Commercial Property Industry

So far the EU Referendum seems to have had no discernible impact on our business, though the uncertainty that the debate has created is not…

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16/05/2016 15:26

Investing in commercial property for your business

Investing in commercial property is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business, so it’s crucial that your decision is an…

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25/04/2016 15:24

Andrew reflects as Andrew Idle Associates 
celebrates a 25th Anniversary milestone

It seems amazing to think that all those years have rolled by since I decided to work for myself in 1991. At the time there…

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08/04/2016 15:22

Commercial and Residential Property Valuations

In recent weeks, Andrew Idle Associates have been appointed to carry out a larger than ever volume and variety of commercial and residential property valuations…

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23/03/2016 15:17

Spring 2016 Budget Review

Investors in the north of England will welcome the reform of stamp duty land tax on commercial property purchases. It is now graduated in bands…

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13/03/2016 15:15

The Changing Market for Retail Premises

Recent press news quoting the British Retail Consortium (BRC) suggests that demand for traditional high street retail units is set to decline significantly over the…

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04/12/2015 15:14

Reflection on the 2015 Autumn Statement & UK Property Market

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement has sparked mixed reaction within the property sector. The additional stamp duty for residential buy-to-let property investors may be regarded by…

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07/10/2015 15:13

Chancellor announces changes to Business Rates system

Not all business ratepayers will be aware that the rates they pay do not go directly to their local Council but are collected by Whitehall,…

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14/08/2015 15:08

Buying commercial property at auction

From time to time Andrew Idle Associates are retained by clients who are interested in bidding for commercial properties due to be sold at auction.…

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25/03/2015 15:04

A spring clean at Eldon Place

Having worked in the City of Bradford for over 20 years, we care a lot about the city and we’re committed to playing our part…

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06/03/2015 15:01

Deadline for business rates appeal approaching – 31st March 2015

Earlier this year we wrote about the changes to rules governing alterations to business rates, which you can read in full here. The deadline for…

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09/12/2014 15:00

An Encouraging Year for Commercial Property in West Yorkshire

As we approach the end of 2014 there has been a distinct improvement in market sentiment in commercial property generally, as the year has passed.…

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13/11/2014 14:59

Inflation, Borrowing and the Commercial Property Market

The recent national inflation data showing that prices have dipped if anything has influenced the Bank of England to keep Base Rate on hold and…

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28/08/2014 14:53

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Since their introduction back in 2008-9, commercial energy performance certificates have, in my experience, started to influence property owners and investors in Bradford and West…

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28/07/2014 14:58

Funding for Commercial Property Acquisitions

Funding for commercial property acquisitions in Yorkshire remains challenging but the situation is improving. We have, for example, recently sold a mixed investment (retail and…

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14/05/2014 14:57

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: What You Need To Know

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), which came into effect in April, has drastically altered the way that landlords of commercial premises are permitted to deal…

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13/04/2014 15:04

Buying vs leasing commercial property

Over my 24 years in business with Andrew Idle Associates, I have been involved in many discussions about the merits of leasing as opposed to…

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04/04/2014 14:56

The Impact of Business Rates in 2014

Over the past few months, there has been a gathering storm of protest at the way businesses and property investors are taxed through business rates.…

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21/09/2013 14:55

Bank of England and Bradford Commercial Property Market

I was one of a small group of Bradford business people in touch with what is happening on the ground in Bradford that attended an…

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Bradford Business Conference

It was good to visit the Bradford Business Conference (BBC) on 12th September 2013. Whilst browsing the various stalls in the exhibition room at the…

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12/07/2013 14:52

Government Rate-Free Allowance on New Build

Last month (June 2013), the Government launched its six-week consultation period into the proposed short-term empty property rates (EPR) exemption of all new build commercial…

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01/07/2013 14:51

Retail Opportunities in Bradford

The publication of research revealing that Bradford has one of the highest opportunities for retail expansion in the UK is a helpful pointer for the…

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29/06/2013 14:49

Office to Residential Conversions

It is encouraging to see that the Coalition Government are putting in place measures to enable the conversion of ageing office blocks into residential. This…

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22/06/2013 14:50

Use Classes Order – 2013 Relaxations

Will the recent relaxations in the Use Classes Order help commercial agents, such as my firm Andrew Idle Associates, to let vacant space in Bradford?…

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15/06/2013 14:48

The Impact of Business Rates On Business Growth

Are business rates on commercial premises holding back business growth in Cities such as Bradford? In our experience they have had a negative impact on…

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12/06/2013 14:47

Bradford – City of Dreams

Having watched part 1 of the BBC2 documentary, Bradford-City of Dreams, I have recently experienced at first hand the desire of migrant communities to build…

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01/06/2013 14:46

Welcome to Andrew Idle Associates Commercial Property Blog

Bradford is the UK’s 6th largest City by population and has been the home of my commercial property consultancy, Andrew Idle Associates since 1991. I…

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