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Business Leaders Call On Chancellor To Freeze Business Rates

Written by: Andrew Idle

24/10/2017 15:56

News that business leaders are calling on the Chancellor to freeze business rates payments over the next two years will go down well with ratepayers in general.

In the Bradford District, Andrew Idle Associates have found that in many instances the Government’s HMRC Agency, the Valuation Office, have placed considerable uplifts on business rates assessments from April 2017, even though rents over the relevant period have often remained static at best.

It would appear that the placing of business rates at such excessive levels was a deliberate ploy by the Government to pull in as much revenue as possible from the taxpayer, whether it is fair and reasonable or not.

And the task of appealing against such assessments is now more time-consuming and bureaucratic than it used to be. I suspect a major reason for this is to ward off speculative appeals placed by unscrupulous rating firms who entice customers with projected reductions that cannot actually be justified in valuation terms. Such firms often go out of business before the appeal process has concluded.

Andrew Idle Associates are currently acting for various ratepayers of industrial and retail premises and have challenged the 2017 business rates assessments on their behalf.

Unlike the unscrupulous rating agencies, we have been in business for more than 26 years now and are not about to cease trading and leave clients in the lurch!

Andrew Idle