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The Property Market in the Face of Uncertainty

Written by: Andrew Idle

28/01/2019 13:49

The recent Guardian feature reporting on projections of thousands of high street retail jobs being lost during 2019, up and down the UK, is the latest in a series of gloomy commentaries on the retail sector. The danger with such articles is that some will conclude that this will occur everywhere, whereas, in reality, the market varies considerably between different towns and cities, with some being more affected than others.

In these situations, I tend to think back to periods in years gone by where business conditions were challenging. It is important to think with creativity and keep ploughing ahead, as it is easy to become downhearted with all of this. I remember the early 1990s recession when many manufacturing firms ceased trading, then the Credit Crunch from 2009 to 2013 during which sale transactions fell dramatically. But many survived and have prospered since.

Clearly, the uncertainty created by the ongoing Brexit political crisis in not helping the current situation and no doubt some shoppers are holding back on non-essential purchases, though others may be stock-piling in case there are any shortages of goods coming onto the shelves.

Andrew Idle Associates act on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants who own/lease retail premises. We are one of the businesses that has survived two major recessions hence the present climate does not faze us.

If you are in either of these categories and are wanting to discuss marketing your Premises then please contact us in confidence. We will do what we can to assist and are here to encourage lettings and sales irrespective of depressing news coverage.

Andrew Idle