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The EU Referendum & Commercial Property Industry

Written by: Andrew Idle

24/05/2016 15:27

So far the EU Referendum seems to have had no discernible impact on our business, though the uncertainty that the debate has created is not helpful to the commercial property industry in general.

The arguments for staying or leaving the EU are complex and it is proving difficult to obtain the key facts to be able to make an informed decision, without doing a lot of private research.

The pundits in the commercial property industry are saying that it is likely we will vote to remain in the EU.

This would probably be good for the banking and financial services sectors in London with potential spin-offs in the North. The free movement of labour within the EU is said to be good for the construction industry.

If we do leave this could impact on borrowing rates in the UK which, if marked, is bound to affect commercial property prices.

More in-depth analysis can be found in this Costar article.

Andrew Idle